RANGES is an instrumental post-rock band from Bozeman, Montana. Founded in 2013, RANGES has spent over half a decade working toward gaining an audience which is truly international in scope.

RANGES’ latest album ‘The Ascensionist’ was released in 2017 and supported by US and European tours. The album quickly sold through the first two vinyl pressings and has been warmly received by fans from around the world. Their song ‘The Greater Lights’ is featured on the Spotify-curated playlist Deep Focus and has received nearly 4 million plays since its release.

In 2018 RANGES played the dunk!festival main stage in Zottegem, Belgium and subsequently released their live performance on vinyl as part of the ‘Live @ dunk!fest’ series, joining the lineup of previous editions from Russian Circles, Pelican, Pg.lost, and We Lost The Sea.

2019 will see the release of RANGES’ next full-length album ‘Babel’ on September 30th through A Thousand Arms Music (US), dunk!records (EU), Bird’s Robe Records (AU), and LeRock Psicophonique (SA).

C.J. Blessum - Guitar // Joey Caldwell - Guitar // Jared Gabriel - Bass // Mark Levy - Drums


Modern post-rock has grown into a global network of like-minded, dedicated artists and fans, and within this new landscape Bozeman, Montana’s RANGES are leading the way in establishing conceptual foundations and executing final products. From their unassuming inception as a studio project to their rise as a respected independent band, to their emergence as a force to be reckoned with sporting multi-record thematics, RANGES have demonstrated perpetual growth in terms of composition and vision. The past few years have seen them blossom in ways that mirror the trajectory of post-rock’s new era; they are a band that understands the value of blending the freedom of DIY artistry with the professionalism of a successful business operation. They have recognized what it means to be truly connected with fans and fellow musicians, to build from the interior the most utopian version of a scene that is unlikely to intertwine with the mainstream; with this understanding comes the realization that they can make of this whatever they wish to see and hear. They have taken the reigns in determining that there should be no ceiling too high, no ideas too large to explore. Armed with this ambitious vision and the ability to implement it, RANGES are primed to unveil the next chapter of their ever-expanding story with the new record ‘Babel’, releasing September 30th from A Thousand Arms, dunk!records, Bird’s Robe Records, and LeRock Psicophonique.

If ‘The Ascensionist’ represented the long climb to the mountaintop, ‘Babel’ outlines the first inspiring views of everything that lies on the other side. This record maintains the sonic threads of its predecessor but expands upon them as it treads upon grander soundscapes with escalating confidence, propelling forward with a cemented identity and commitment to its aesthetic.

It stands to be noted that in a genre short on vocals, it takes something extra to craft a sound that that is instantly recognizable, but that’s exactly the place that RANGES have arrived. Over a wildly prolific stretch of nine releases in five years, the band have established themselves as one that you know the moment you hear them. The weighty rhythm guitars and bass, distinctive lead melodies soaring just overhead, and muscular mid-tempo holding it all together, all of these have coalesced into a unique presentation that is unmistakable. The greatest strength of Babel is the way in which the band have made small but integral adjustments to their flourishing formula to create heightened dynamics and dramatic thrusts within the established framework.

Observe crucial moments like the mid-song momentum shift in “Idolator,” with its driving percussion and deliberately forceful and impactful chord progression; the huge crescendo that concludes “Avarice;” the sweeping, dramatic melodies of “Decadence” and “Revelation.” In these spaces you’ll find RANGES honing their craft and pinpointing areas where they can build their sound into something even more expressive and provocative than what’s come before.

Too often bands think about re-inventing what they want to be without perfecting what they already are; with Babel, RANGES successfully continue their tireless pursuit of crafting the most pristine vision of the sonic aesthetic that’s made them a fan favorite in the new era of post-rock. This is indeed their finest effort to date, as well as another sworn promise to their growing fanbase that they can be relied upon to deliver every time out.

- David Zeidler




BABEL (2019)
Digital, CD, & 2xLP Vinyl Release
A Thousand Arms Music (US)
dunk!records (EU)
Bird’s Robe Records (AU)
LeRock Psicophonique (SA)

Digital, CD, & 2xLP Vinyl Release
A Thousand Arms Music (US)
dunk!records (EU)

     Digital & 7" Vinyl Release
A Thousand Arms Music (US)

     Digital & Limited-Edition CD Release

     Digital Release

NIGHT & DAY (2015)
     Digital & CD Release

     Digital & Limited-Edition CD Release

     Digital & Limited-Edition CD Release

     Digital & Limited-Edition CD Release


Digital & Limited-Edition Cassette Tape Release

IV (2018)
Digital & Limited-Edition Cassette Tape Release

III (2018)
Digital & Limited-Edition Cassette Tape Release

II (2018)
Digital & Limited-Edition Cassette Tape Release

I (2018)
Digital & Limited-Edition Cassette Tape Release

PRELUDE (2017)
Digital & Limited-Edition Cassette Tape Release




"Seven Sisters" featured as the soundtrack for Polaris Snowmobiles' promotional video Born For More (2018)

"The Greater Lights" from The Ascensionist is featured on the Spotify curated playlist Deep Focus (2017)

The Ascensionist selected as the 36th best post-rock album of 2017 by Post-Rock Reddit, the 40th best release of 2017 by the Arctic Drones Listeners Choice Poll, and made the New Music Explorer Best Post-Rock Albums of 2017 and the Arctic Drones 50 Favourite Albums of 2017.

"Kingdom" from And the People Cried out for a King featured as the soundtrack for Polaris RZR short (2017)

The Gods of The Copybook Headings album selected as the 10th best release of 2016 by Post-Rock Essentials, the 9th best release of 2016 by Post-Rock Discovery, and made the Arctic Drones 50 Favourite Albums of 2016

Various releases licensed as the soundtrack to Polaris' Online Ad Campaign (2016)

"Silence in the Face of Evil Is Itself Evil" from Bonhoeffer featured as the soundtrack for Adam Brummond's short film "Tronkyin" (2015)

Hosted the Solar Mansions album release and listening/viewing party at the Museum of The Rockies' Taylor Planetarium (2014)




"[The Ascensionist] is terrific.  I went on a journey.  I love when a post-rock album isn't generic and when you close your eyes you can feel a story happening and every time you listen the story is slightly different."

- MATT KESSLER / TOO MANY RECORDS / (Watch Full Review Here)

"Through it all, the quartet demonstrates great fluidity, the result of playing so many shows.  The band has always been solid, but The Ascensionist is their most energetic and endearing to date.  It’s as if they’ve already reached the summit as pilgrims and returned as guides."

- RICHARD ALLEN / A CLOSER LISTEN / (Read Full Review Here)

"The Ascensionist is right to the point. Well written songs, each with a strong focus on memorable melodies that burns right into the listener’s mind. It’s hard to pick favourite songs off The Ascensionist, the whole album is just put so well together and the flow of the album makes it a sin not to listen to it as a whole."

- SOREN HARTVIG  /  NEW MUSIC EXPLORER  /  (Read Full Review Here)

" ["And the People Cried out for a King"] is akin to This Will Destroy You’s “Moving on the Edges of Things” in terms of heralding a new sound. This next album is bound to be Ranges’ “Tunnel Blanket” and I look forward to this new album more earnestly than I ever have before."

- AARON EDWARDS  /  ARCTIC DRONES  /  (Read Full Review Here)


"“The Gods Of The Copybook Headings” is still about lush soundscapes and calming melodies, and it inspires inward thought more than physical release, even in its most aggressive moments. It is music that feels designed for quiet moments alone – whether it be standing atop a peak looking down at the world after a long hike, or sitting on the back porch at twilight, Ranges excels at crafting soundtracks for contemplation."

- DAVID ZEIDLER  /  ARCTIC DRONES  /  (Read Full Review Here)  


"I love ["The Gods of The Copybook Headings"]. I love Ranges. I’m afraid to call this the culmination of their talent, because I’m sure they will only get better."

- AARON EDWARDS  /  ECHOES AND DUST  /  (Read Full Review Here)


"Ranges is a band that pushes the conceptual envelope and expands on ideas across mediums."  

- JOSEPH JAMES  /  WILL NOT FADE  /  (Read Full Review Here)


"Playing with a skill ahead of their years and a clear aptitude for song writing, their masterful efforts incomparably encapsulate the best qualities of ambient post rock."

- KNIAL SAUNDERS  /  GOLDEN AGE REVIEW  /  (Read Full Review Here)