instrumental post-rock from bozeman, mt


"Kingdom" from And the People Cried out for a King featured as the soundtrack for Polaris RZR short (2017)

The Gods of The Copybook Headings album selected as the 10th best release of 2016 by Post-Rock Essentials, the 9th best release of 2016 by Post-Rock Discovery, and made the Arctic Drones 50 Favourite Albums of 2016

Various releases licensed as the soundtrack to Polaris' Online Ad Campaign (2016)

"Silence in the Face of Evil Is Itself Evil" from Bonhoeffer featured as the soundtrack for Adam Brummond's short film "Tronkyin" (2015)

Hosted the Solar Mansions album release and listening/viewing party at the Museum of The Rockies' Taylor Planetarium (2014)



Ranges is an instrumental post-rock band from Bozeman, Montana.  The five-piece brings a captivatingly succinct approach to a musical genre focused on the exploration of time and expanse while still staying true to the founding elements of the genre.  Driven by deep concept and storyline, every note and climax is molded to a narrative that pushes the band and the listener to explore deeper compartments of their being both sonically and spiritually.  Founded in 2013, Ranges has been writing and releasing music relentlessly to further grow as musicians and as humans.

C.J. Blessum - Guitar
Joey Caldwell - Guitar
Jared Gabriel - Bass
Mark Levy - Drums
Wilson Raska - Media  



And the People Cried out for a King (2016)
     • Digital & 7" Vinyl Release

The Gods of The Copybook Headings (2016)
     • Digital & Limited Edition CD Release

If I Were The Devil (2015)
     • Digital Release

Night & Day (2015)
     • Digital & CD Release

Bonhoeffer (2014)
     • Digital & Limited Edition CD Release

Solar Mansions (2014)
     • Digital & Limited Edition CD Release

     • Digital & Limited Edition CD Release


" ["And the People Cried out for a King"] is akin to This Will Destroy You’s “Moving on the Edges of Things” in terms of heralding a new sound. This next album is bound to be Ranges’ “Tunnel Blanket” and I look forward to this new album more earnestly than I ever have before."

- AARON EDWARDS  /  ARCTIC DRONES  /  (Read Full Review Here)

"“The Gods Of The Copybook Headings” is still about lush soundscapes and calming melodies, and it inspires inward thought more than physical release, even in its most aggressive moments. It is music that feels designed for quiet moments alone – whether it be standing atop a peak looking down at the world after a long hike, or sitting on the back porch at twilight, Ranges excels at crafting soundtracks for contemplation."

- DAVID ZEIDLER  /  ARCTIC DRONES  /  (Read Full Review Here)  

"I love ["The Gods of The Copybook Headings"]. I love Ranges. I’m afraid to call this the culmination of their talent, because I’m sure they will only get better."

- AARON EDWARDS  /  ECHOES AND DUST  /  (Read Full Review Here)

"Ranges is a band that pushes the conceptual envelope and expands on ideas across mediums."  

- JOSEPH JAMES  /  WILL NOT FADE  /  (Read Full Review Here)

"Playing with a skill ahead of their years and a clear aptitude for song writing, their masterful efforts incomparably encapsulate the best qualities of ambient post rock."

- KNIAL SAUNDERS  /  GOLDEN AGE REVIEW  /  (Read Full Review Here)